365 Photo Challenge // Week 2

Another week full of images! I hope you enjoy

day9The rain poured all day, made me want to do nothing but sit in a  bathtub full of purple, fragrant, Lush BathBomb :)

day10A friend of mine asked me to take some photos at this arcade here in The Woodlands. I can’t tell you when the last time I played a pinball machine was! It was so much fun.
day11My nephew is a cutie, eating some cuties! Day12This little bird hit our window. I decided to move him incase some cat or dog tried to attack him. He recovered and flew away thank goodness! day13A different look at one of my succulent plants.
day14not normally a fan of red wine, but this here is pretty good. It means “Devil Locker”

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365 Photo Challenge // Week 1

When I got my 5D Mark iii for graduation my heart almost exploded with happiness! I just knew I had to start taking my camera everywhere with me, thus led me to want to do this challenge that has always been something I wanted to do! I am going to post each week here on the blog, the first 7 include my trip to Wimberley, Tx (one of my most favorite get away spots), Austin, Tx, and a disaster with my cat… haha Enjoy!


Eating some Vietnamese food for lunch on New Years day!!

day3 copy

Wimberley, Tx Heylen made some amazing dinner and the next day we got to watch the sunset at Driftwood Estate Vineyards 


A sign off of S. Congress, one of my favorite streets to visit when I am in Austin, Tx.


Decided to start sketching again, I love doodling and putting them in to Illustrator !


My first ever time trying Gumbo!


I heard a huge crash! Walked over to find this and my cat Buddha standing beside it!

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The Uhl Family Baby Announcement // The Woodlands, Tx

What exciting news!! I jumped for joy when Haley told me that her and Steven were expecting! I was even more excited to be apart of their announcement.  This session was filled with laughs, kisses, and the adorable props Haley made. I am so excited for you two, and can’t wait to meet the little girl or boy that makes an addition to your family :)


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New Years Eve // Family Breakfast

Happy New Years Everyone!
Normally, I am not a big fan of New Years Eve… I find it a bit overrated ha! but this year, was absolutely wonderful! My parents decided we should all meet up at the Country Club here in the Woodlands, to have breakfast together. I have a giant family and as the years go by we see less and less of each other so it is always nice to see everyone together. I just absolutely adore the original Country Club of the Woodlands, so many memories! I hope they never change it. Here are some photos from breakfast :)


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