Hi there! I’m Ashley. A Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer who just recently relocated to the wonderful city of Austin, TX!

I eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I see in picture frames. In my spare time you can find me surfing the internet for inspiration. I spend a lot of my free time researching, because I believe you can never stop learning new things.

From an early age, I recognized that photography was my life’s passion. For years I practiced my craft on my family, friends, and anyone who had a free afternoon. Since then I have turned my passion into my profession, with over six years of experience photographing weddings, private parties, portraits, and various other types of events. I am a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and I come from a large family myself; I understand that the little moments can be just as meaningful as the big ones. I adore being around children, families, and brides on their big day! I have a particular knack for capturing the love that can be expressed during candid moments. Nature is such an inspiration for me and photography has made me appreciate the little details in life. Whenever possible, I prefer to have portrait sessions at the golden hour of sunset. This allows me to use natural light, which softens the look of these images and gives them a distinctive quality that won’t be easily replicated. Most of all, I understand that a good picture doesn’t just document an event. It captures a moment in time.

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I look forward to telling your story: )

Images courtesy of Katie of Katie Webb Photography<3