Nostalgia // Personal Post

Every year during the holidays I try to see as many friends as I can. Stephanie and I used to wander around The Woodlands when we were younger just taking photos everywhere. I didn’t plan it, but we ended up at a lot of old spots we used to shoot at! This cold and cloudy day turned into a rather sunny one.


It’s kind of funny that my first blog of the year was of Stephanie and now she’s one of my last posts of the year :)


Oh, and she got some shots of me as well that I am absolutely in love with!

_MG_9071_MG_9081_MG_9097_MG_9107_MG_9128_MG_9139_MG_9150_MG_9158_MG_9164 copy_MG_9189_MG_9190 copy_MG_9215_MG_9229_MG_9249 copy

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